Hiring a Trustworthy Bookkeeper

Trust – Noun.

“Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person; confidence”. (Dictionary.Reference.com)


A bookkeeper is someone who you shouldn’t have to question their integrity or doubt whether or not you can trust them with your financial information. Unfortunately, there have been instances lately in the news where a bookkeeper has taken advantage of their client and is now facing jail time.


How can you avoid having your business finances embezzled by someone you should be able to trust? Check out the tips below on how to help avoid being taken advantage of.


Tips for hiring a trustworthy bookkeeper:

  • Look for someone who has professional references from other bookkeeping or tax offices in town.
  • Does this person want or ask to be a check signer/added to your bank account? This is a huge red flag. The person who writes the checks should not be the one to sign the check unless they are the owner. By having an owner sign off on a check, they can review the money going out of their account and not rely on a bookkeeper’s judgment as to whether or not that check should be written.
  • Do they use their own login for your accounting software? A bookkeeper should always have their own login so that you can review what they post in the software. This increases accountability for the bookkeeper knowing they are held responsible for what they enter in the software.
  • Make sure your bookkeeper keeps records of and/or documents everything they pay and record, whether it be a paper copy or scanned. If you have a question about a check that is going out they need to be able to produce a copy of what is being paid and why, without question or argument.
  • How transparent are they with their work? A bookkeeper should produce monthly reports for you to see how your business is performing. They should also be able to explain any significant differences from the month before and provide supporting documentation.


Hopefully these tips will help you to find a reliable, honest bookkeeper that will provide a stable foundation for you to grow your business.


Best Wishes!


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